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Empower Diabetes Education LLC was founded by Kristen Garron RD CDCES LDN on the premise that Knowledge Empowers You! In other words, when we KNOW BETTER, we DO BETTER. A diagnosis of diabetes can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, annoying, etc. It can bring on a lot of different emotions, including, perhaps, denial. No one is expected to know how to handle receiving news of this diagnosis or about all of the components of its management. But, instead of asking a relative, Alexa or Google you have a FAR more credible resource- US! Diabetes is ALL that we do. And on top of that, we specifically specialize in reversing a new pre- or type 2 diagnosis.

Empower Diabetes Education is accredited by the American Diabetes Association, this is the highest recognition a Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program can hold in the US. We are one of 1,614 DSME programs recognized by the ADA per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

From nutrition-related questions to learning how to avoid short and long-term complications. We have a curriculum that truly covers it all. The biggest benefit of a customized diabetes education plan is, that we have time on our side. This is not an easy or concise conversation- it takes time to explain each component and area of the self-management plan.

After your educational sessions, you will feel more confident in your knowledge base regarding diabetes self-management. You will know how to use a glucometer whether you were prescribed one or not, you will know how to read a food label, you will understand the purpose of your medications, and most importantly you will feel EMPOWERED.

INVEST in your health and wellness and give us a call today!

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